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Grey Limbo

Based in Zurich / Switzerland

Independent Consultant

In a nutshell / About me:

Swiss Attorney at Law, Certified Internal Auditor CIA, academic personality psychology & diagnostics (TOP/EOS,, Coach, Author, Organizational development.


Over 20 years of interdisciplinary expertise in various industries (including global insurance group) and various roles such as lawyer, audit manager, consultant and personality coach.

Specialized in Predictive Company Behavior Intelligence:

Finance without Numbers


Consulting, Data Mining, Assurance, Second Opinions, Training and Coaching


  • Analyzed human factors at the interface of strategy, target operating models, business processes, internal control systems, risks, customer orientation and corporate culture

  • Consulted on a personality-oriented climate communication strategy (EU country)

  • Delivered behavioral risk training to 40+ key members of a global energy sector association

  • Conducted behavioral risk analysis for a compliance program (EU country)

  • Consulted on client learning styles for an innovative Swiss online-learning program

  • Provided personality diagnostics & coaching

  • Conducted brand personality diagnostics including brand-strategy-fit assessments

  • Performed a company behavior meta-analysis

  • Consulted on Swiss legal entities

  • Managed global audits in 18+ countries and corporate headquarters with 15+ members including IT and external consultants' staff (global insurance group)

  • Audited topics included legal/compliance/risk, governance, board effectiveness, shared services, target operating models, global standards/ frameworks, projects, project portfolio, procurement, HR, real estate, CSR, social media

  • Established cross-functional outsourcing governance model for 5 business units & provided training for 12+ teams (Finance Shared Services, > 700 FTE involved)

  • Global art (trade) (one stop shop)

Innovative methods for Corporate Assessment & Governance:

Develops innovative, science-based methods for Corporate Assessment and Governance: Finance without Numbers (2023), Human Patterns Analysis (2022), Innovation Framework (2021), The Organizational Personality TOP Framework (2020) and Personality-based Internal Auditing PBA® (2019)



Publications & Podcasts:

Organizational thinking styles matter (podcast, 2023),  Demotivate unethical behavior (FCPA, 2022),  Evaluating Innovation (EDPACS, 2021), Personality-Based Internal Auditing (podcast, 2020), Über die PSI-Theorie (podcast, 2020), Unternehmenskultur (EXPERTSuisse, 2019)


Love letters to Top Management (IIAS, 2021), Auditing Beyond Barriers (DIIR, 2021), Organization Personality? (TheDesk HK, 2020), Code of Conduct (IIAS, 2019), Predicting an Organization's Innovation Capability (DIIR, 2019), Handlung Complexity (EXPERTSuisse, 2018), Your Organization's Secret Brainwaves (CAERoundtableEstonia, 2018), Corporate Culture (IIAS, 2018)


Working languages German, English, French

I also speak Hungarian, Romanian, Italian

Any inquiries? I offer a comprehensive (complimentary) initial consultation.

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