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Grey Limbo

Finance without Numbers

Predictive Company Behavior Intelligence

I partner with companies as they navigate their exciting journey into the business world of tomorrow.


My specialty? As an interdisciplinary expert in law, internal auditing, and psychology, I analyze the behavioral and perceptual patterns that define a company's unique 'personality'.


These pattern preferences have a significant impact on the company's financial metrics. Identifying and assessing these patterns in a risk-oriented manner unlocks new opportunities for company assessment and management.


Your specific goals and questions serve as the guiding parameters for the analysis. Minimal effort is required on your part. I leverage existing qualitative company data, including for example strategy, annual reports, and customer feedback. Notably, this approach eliminates the need for collecting new data, rendering it exceptionally scalable.

Three questions guide us in consulting, they are part of the core of the company's success: 

  1. What patterns does the company exhibit today, and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

  2. Which patterns will make the company future-ready?

  3. How can the company cultivate and reinforce these patterns?

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Finance without Numbers - IN PRACTICE


Any questions? Please contact me for a comprehensive initial chat, free of charge!

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+41 78 9011 074

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