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Grey Limbo

Consulting, Data Mining, Assurance, Second Opinions, Training and Coaching

I provide consultancy, conduct thorough analysis, suggest decisive action, offer fresh insights, and illuminate connections. My distinct strength lies in identifying and assessing the behavioral and perceptual patterns specific to your business, with a risk-oriented approach. My focus is on precise intervention while always maintaining a holistic view of the entire organization.

Strategy, Organization and Leadership:  What & How companies think​

  • Strategy analysis

  • Corporate culture incl. Strategy-Culture-Structure Fit

  • Innovation capability

  • Communication analysis, incl. websites, social media and customer feedback

  • Mergers & acquisitions (cultural fit forecast incl. pain points)

  • Competitors, market (benchmarking)

  • Annual reports analysis: Non-financial data mining/ what your company discloses

  • Leadership style analysis

  • Ethics, ethical behavior, code of conduct

  • Regulatory requirements (conduct)

Predictive Company Behavior Intelligence (Data Mining): Finance without Numbers​

  • company's preferred behavioral and perceptual patterns*

  • Patterns as drivers of financial metrics

  • Pattern advantages/ disadvantages

  • Risks of one-sided patterns

  • Future-orientation of patterns

  • SMART measures to modify patterns (focusing on the element with the greatest possible impact in the overall context)

  • Corporate management (modifying patterns)

  • Company valuation (patterns based future forecast)

  • Patterns in external guidelines (e.g. frameworks, COSO, supervisory authority)

  • Patterns in external best practice (e.g. expert opinions, 'state of the art')

  • Comparing company patterns with patterns required by external guidance/ 'best practice' (patterns based)

  • Pattern comparison with competitors, market (benchmarking)


*Analyzing existing, qualitative corporate data (e.g., strategy, business processes, communication, customer feedback, risks)

Personality Diagnostics for Companies: The Organization Personality

  • The 'Organization Personality'

  • Maturity level of the 'Organization Personality'

  • A company's self steering capabilities

  • Grow your Organization's Personality

  • Appreciative cooperative relationship (analytical vs. holistic)

  • Knowledge & experience within the company

  • Access to implicit knowledge

  • Academic personality psychology (PSI, Kuhl, 2001,, applied at a company level

Legal Services

  • High conflict individuals

  • Contract clauses/ risks (internal audit view)

  • Behavioral risks in legal documents

  • Art (trade) law (one stop shop)

  • Advice on legal entities in Switzerland (Swiss Attorney at Law)


Internal Audit, Risk, Compliance

  • Temporary assignments as Certified Internal Auditor, CIA

  • Corporate culture, ethics, conduct risks

  • 'Soft' controls

  • Frameworks (ERM, Compliance, Projekte, COSO)

  • Internal control systems

  • Governance check

  • Regulatory requirements

Brand, Brand Personality

  • Brand-Strategy Fit

  • Brand behavioral & reputational risks

  • Brand promise vs. 'real life'

  • Comparison with competitors (benchmarking)

  • Brand development (option analysis)



  • Projectreviews

  • Strategy-Project Fit

  • Project and portfolio evaluations

  • Sparring for project leaders

  • Stakeholder analysis (behavioral element)


Human Resources

  • New Work

  • Strategy-HR Strategy fit

  • Leadership styles

  • Employer Branding

  • Customer and employee satisfaction


Training, Coaching, Keynotes

  • Training & keynote on: what & how companies think, Finance without Numbers, The Organization Personality

  • Executive Coaching & Training

  • Academic personality diagnostics & coaching for executives and staff (TOP/EOS,

  • Career counseling for students

Any questions? Please contact me for a comprehensive initial chat, free of charge!

PM or EMail:

+41 78 9011 074

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